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Our Story:


In March of 2012, the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene in Maryland collaborated with Drs. Niru and Sushma Jani with establishing Community Behavioral Health. An advisory board consisting of a diverse group of community leaders supported the mission and vision of Community Behavioral Health. Dr. Ricky Ward, Ph. D., a professor at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Ms. Virbala Patel, a registered pharmacist practicing in Salisbury, Maryland, and Mr. Bill Martin, a community leader working in the real estate business.


On April 10, 2012, three Community Behavioral Health clinics opened their doors to serve the outpatient mental health needs of the communities in Salisbury, Maryland in Wicomico County, Cambridge, Maryland in Dorchester County and in Centerville, Maryland in Queen Anne’s County. The Community Behavioral Health mission is to provide the highest quality mental health care and services to the population residing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Joint Commission Accreditation was granted to Community Behavioral Health on June 20th 2014. The Joint Commission is an independent national organization that oversees safety and quality of health care.

Community Behavioral Health's outpatient mental health programs serves the mental health needs for adults, children, adolescents, geriatrics, and families. The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program was established to provide community based services. Certified addiction services allowed for the provision of individualized care to patients with co-morbid conditions of substance use and mental health disorders. Dr. Teresa Crowe, Ph.D., a Professor of Social Work from Gallaudet University, was instrumental in establishing the telepsychiatry program for the deaf and hard of hearing community residing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.


These values are represented in the rising sun logo of Community Behavioral Health. The sun represents the bright future of those whom we serve. The five rays represent Empathy, Quality, Service, Teamwork, and Change. The motto for Community Behavioral Health, “Challenge for Change” reflects a mutual commitment of the staff and community of the Eastern Shore of Maryland to continuously endeavor for their highest potential.

Community Behavioral Health makes a commitment to practice evidence based medicine, research, and publications in furthering our knowledge in providing the highest quality of patient care.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality mental health care and services to the population we serve. 


Our vision is to be the most innovative clinic in terms of delivery of care and to provide the highest standard of patient care and to continually challenge both ourselves and our patients to change for the better.

Community Behavioral Health Values


Every team member of Community Behavioral Health is committed to serving the needs of our patients and their family members by fostering a nurturing environment in our clinics.


Community Behavioral Health's primary focus is the outcomes of our patients and each team member is committed to seeing improvement in our patients.


Community Behavioral Health is committed to exceeding our patient's expectations for care.


Community Behavioral Health's clinical staff are all committed to coordinating their services in order to provide the highest levels of streamlined care to our patients.


Community Behavioral Health strongly believes in continually improving upon its processes so that we may provide greater care to our patient population.

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